3 Years Old Orphan Trying to Sell Pens On Street and Her Honesty Will Leave You to Cry

She mentioned her aunt would buy bread and vegetables with the money that she earned. He then asked how much is the pen which she later replied 100 RS for all. (which is equivalent to around USD 1.6) He gave her RS 500 and asked her to keep the change as well as all the pen. He requested her to promise that she will pay school fees with the money.

She made the promise but insisted on giving him all the pen. She eventually left all the pen on the bench and walked away. Salute to this honest little girl.

This situation is very common in India. The two main factors that lead to this situation is overpopulation and corruption. Parents unable to afford education and this makes it hard to break the bad cycle. We need more people like Varun who aim to bring awareness and spread the message to the world.


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