9 Delicious Recipes that Require Only 3 Ingredients

We love tasty food and we know time-consuming recipes would keep most people out of trying. Therefore we have these 9 delicious recipes that require only 3 ingredients that are approachable for everyone.

First, we have Pig in a blanket which requires only hot dogs, cheddar, and puff pastry! It is best to serve as light lunch.

Second, we have these Jalapeno Poppers which only requires jalapeno, bacon and cream cheese! How simple is this?

Next, we want to introduce you to this BBQ chicken tender that requires chicken breast, BBQ sauce, and breadcrumbs. This is best to serve as a dish for dinner.

We love the fourth recipe which one of the ingredients is water! We need egg roll wrapper, string cheese, and water. It called mozzarella sticks that best to serve as finger food.

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