9 Delicious Recipes that Require Only 3 Ingredients

Number fifth requires chicken thighs, soy sauce, and brown sugar. This teriyaki chicken is simply the best.

Further down we have this wonderful dessert that requires only peanut butter cups, graham crackers, and marshmallows. We personally think this is the best for us.

Next, we have another dessert that requires the sandwich cookies, cream cheese, and white chocolate. It is enough to make your kids happy for the whole day.

We love to introduce you to the Palmier cookies which is easy yet yummy! It requires puff pastries, cane sugar, and melted butter. Don’t finish it before you serve 🙂

Last but not least we have this dessert that would love by everyone, and we called it triple decker brownie! It requires cookie dough, cookie sandwiches, and brownie batter.

Enjoy and share it out!

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