The Cheapest Vegetable Burger in The World

We love street food, very very much. What you’re about to see is so enticing by just watching the making process. We believe this could be the most affordable burger in the world at USD 0.20 each.

Located at Kharadar, one of the neighborhoods of Saddar town in Karachi, Pakistan. The patty, a vegetable burger is made of healthy ingredients like potatoes and vegetables that dipped in battered egg and then fried with oil. It is then eaten with bread, touch up with some sauce that made of yogurt, mint, and onions.

The chef is not afraid of the hot oil. He puts the ingredients into the pan with boiling oil as if it is not hot at all. People are surrounding him, and he is cooking as fast as he can. Although some people said that this is not hygienic, you can’t deny it is so tempting to give it a try.

This stall has been doing business since 1970. The chef in this video is the second generation where he has taken over from his father after he passed away. He expands the business by taking up a small room behind that can seat up to 10 people. He is estimated to sell 2000 burgers per day.

Give it a shot if you’re heading to Pakistan!

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