Commuter Who Had A-Year-Long Crush on a Stranger is Now Married to Him

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Nowadays most relationship has gone to a fast food basis but not this. This love story is what the world needs right now.

Zoë Folbigg, 41 who’s an author from London has always been a romantic kind of a person. A handsome stranger who walked into the train car of her daily commute had caught her attention. However, his nose was always stuck in a book.

She tried to catch his attention by dress up a bit more instead of wearing jeans as she used to be. They happened to be always in the same car. His focus on reading did not discourage her, yet it helps to increase her desire that was already on fire.

” It was love at first sight for me.” – Zoë Folbigg

It was not until one year later on May, her birthday that she moved forward to next step which is pretty bold for a lot of girls.

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