Mom Give Life Lesson to Her Girl and Her Response is Hilarious

This little girl name Ye bin from South Korea will make your day. She is so cute and pure, and the way she answers questions from her mom will make you can’t help but fall in love with her.

Parents will go all out to make sure their children know how to protect themselves. This usually starts from an early stage so that they know what to do in a possibly dangerous situation.

However, things take a little longer when you have a playful child like Ye bin. Her mom, MS Jang Hye Jeong teach her how to say no if a stranger offers her cookies, ice-cream and bring her to swim. She answers many times with a hilarious I LIKED IT and struggled to see a problem with it. Watch how she response will melt your stress away.

UPDATES: Baby Ye bin is now a primary school student in South Korea. She is also a big sister to her younger brother name Do bin. She and her mother work with some high profile brands after this “stranger danger” sensation went viral on the internet. However, her mom does not encourage her to be a celebrity. She just wants her to enjoy her childhood and learn to experience things.

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