Elder Woman Falls Down. She Whispers Into Her Dog Ear to Get Help and She Got It

She couldn’t get back up but managed to crawl to the door. She then opened the door and screamed out loud. This was when her dog, Oreo noticed something went wrong. He ran toward her and was petrified.

” I took him in my arm and whispered in his ear, saying mommy is hurting bad, you’ve got to go get help for me. Go get help.” – Doris

He ran out through the door, went straight down the street and managed to found the location of the senior caretaker. He jumped into the caretaker’s arm, and they somehow received the signal from him and doubted that something might have gone wrong.

They then followed Oreo who leads them to Doris and they immediately called the paramedics. Until now she couldn’t believe her dog saved her life.

” Usually if I let him out, Oreo would just sniff around and pees. However, this time when he was out, he seemed to got my message and ran directly to the senior care facility. I would have died without him.” – Doris Jenkins

Doris was able to recover after the surgery. She once believed that it was too much of a hassle to have a dog at her age, but now her mindset was changed completely.

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