Backyard Roller Coaster of Grandpa John Ivers Built to Entertain His Grandchildren. How Cool is This?

The ride begins with a chain to lift you up slowly through the steep side of John’s shed. (This gives you time for reflection. You’re about to start a roller coaster journey built by someone who never made a roller coaster before and who build this one from car parts and farm equipment). You reach the top of the shed, and everything starts to speed up. It couldn’t be more excited to be thrown into a 360-degree corkscrew loop of a handmade roller coaster.

The Blue Flash attracted visitors from different countries like Switzerland, Japan, etc. He and his wife are the gracious hosts, but they also have ground rule: weekends only and an appointment needed before you come. Maximum weight for a rider is 200 pounds, and there is no ride in cold weather.

Backyard Roller Coasters of John Ivers

N. Ivers Rd, Bruceville, IN
Drive north from Vincennes for 6.5 miles on US Hwy 150/41. Turn left (west) onto N. Ivers Rd. The Ivers homestead will be on the left.
Weekends only, June-Sep., by appt. Max weight 180-200 lbs (Call to verify)


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