Japanese Man Gave Wife the Silent Treatment Over 20 Years and the Reason is Ridiculous

How long can you stand the silent treatment from your partner? Few hours? Few days? Even a couple of weeks? Months? How about years? I mean 20 years! LOL. This proves that Japanese are the most patient people in the world.

Otou Yumi lives together with his wife, Katayama and his four children. His youngest son, Yoshiki ask for help from a local television show hoping that they can help to strike a conversation between his parents. He claimed that his mom talks to his father, but it is just a one-way conversation. (That’s hurt so bad. She’s probably the most patient woman we’ve ever seen)

” I haven’t seen them speak since I was born. I thought this is normal until I went to my friend’s house during primary school only I realize something is wrong with my family. ” Yoshiki said during his interview with the local TV station.

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