Meet The Biggest Family With 20 Babies in Britain

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Meet Britain’s biggest family, Sue Radford, 42 and Noel Radford, 46 from Morecambe Lancashire with 20 babies in the house.

This is one of the bizarre parenting videos online that we’ve came across. They have ten boys and nine girls before September, and they’re so excited to announce their 11th son, little Archie who arrived in this huge family after an hour’s labor on Monday 18 of September.

They promised little Archie would be their last baby (Had Mr. Noel go through vasectomy?)Their grandmother said that she is happy to stop at this nice even number.

The couple now live in a large $240K house that they bought in 11 years ago. They claimed to have no credit card debt or finance agreement and enjoy overseas trip every year (How awesome is that)

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