Meet The Biggest Family With 20 Babies in Britain

This lovely couple first met when Sue was only seven years old. She got her first child Chris when she was 14. They gave up adoption at birth and decided to keep him. They then moved into their new house and got married. Little did she know that they would go on to be blessed and have another 19 babies.

Noel, who runs a pie company spends £300 on food shopping. They estimated 3 liters of juice, three boxes of cereal and 18 pints of milk consumed every day. After an early start in the bakery, he returns home at 7:45 AM to sort out the children and get them ready to school.

They became grandparents when their daughter Sophie, 23 gave birth to three children. We can imagine how busy their daily life would be and they managed to go to bed by 10 PM. Enjoy the video and share it out 😀


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