My Life After 44 Years in Prison

Have you ever wonder how your life would be like after being put in the prison for 44 years? This is Otis Johnson’s reality, and we bet it takes him a lot to adapt to this brand new world.

He went to jail at the age of 25 and were released at 69. Stepping out into time square, New York, he was struck by the overwhelming number of people. Everyone seems to walk fast with wires in their ears. He thought everyone had become a secret agent wearing wires. (Welcome to the Steve Jobs era)

He was released from prison in August 2014 after serving 44 years sentence for the attempted murder of a police officer. Upon release from jail, he was handed an ID, documents, $40 and two bus tickets. Having lost all family connection while serving a sentence, he’s now relying on nonprofit fortune society that provides housing and services to ex-prisoners.

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