One Thousand Pound is Out of Pocket After His Daughter Booked Disneyland Trip While He Slept

Kids nowadays are so tech-savvy that their parents could not believe they would be lost a thousand pound while sleeping.

That’s what happened to Ian Wilson from Immingham, Lincolnshire who had lost a thousand pound after his nine years old daughter, Susan booked a two days trip to Paris Disneyland while he was asleep.

She sneaked into the living room at midnight to reach out to his mobile. After guessing his password correctly, she used his credit card to pay for the hotel, flight, and tour to the Disneyland. (Smart girl)

She spent £400 for flight and hotel, £214.08 for VIP tour up the Eiffel Tower and £391.84 for Disneyland tickets. Her father, Ian, 53 only realized this surprise trip when he saw his Paypal account taken three payments from his bank account.

” I don’t know how I did it. I just playing around with dad’s phone. I have no idea where is Paris and what is Eiffel Tower.” – Susan

Businesses initially refused to refund when Ian’s wife, Tracey contacted them. They said there is no fraud had been committed, and thus they are legit transactions. However, Paypal is then reported to have returned the money as a “kind gesture” and hope this would teach Ian to keep a better eye on his phone.

Will you proceed with the dream holiday or you would request a refund? Share their story out.

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