Puppy Lost His Police Job For a Super Adorable Reason

Gavel was too sociable. He loves getting his belly rub instead of sniffing drug. There’s no stranger in his world. Everyone’s his friends, and he just loves people. He would end up playing with someone rather than help to arrest and knock them down.

His career in law enforcement was over after months of training. However, one door closes another opens. He doesn’t have to worry being unemployed as they found him another one that suits him the best – Greet every visitor who visits the Government House of Queensland. He holds the official title Vice Regal Dog, and some would call him Gavel VRD.

He is doing fantastic and love this career change so much where he just needs to be himself, greet every visitors like his friend and get as much belly rub as he likes.

Enjoy the video and share it out 😀

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