4 Simple Pancake Recipes that are Really Delicious

Four simple pancake recipes that are so tempting and we promise you would fall in love with at least one of them.

Pancake is not only the ideal breakfast, and they help to fight depression too. They are the best food to brighten up your day, and there are some scientifically supported reasons behind.

It is the natural remedies for depression and mood swing because its recipes incorporate the best anti-depressive ingredients. Make some changes in the ingredients, and you’re ready to go. We have collected 4 simple pancake recipes that you just couldn’t deny.

Replace refined white sugar with raw honey or pure maple syrup. Another ingredient to get rid of is refined flour. You can choose to replace it with soy flour, rice flour or coconut flour. Free radicals are responsible for many bad things including bad mood. Antioxidants are the solution. Add some colorful fruits, nuts and seeds will boost your mood up.

Pancake tastes so, so great. There is the mental satisfaction because it is so comforting. They look happy too. Who doesn’t feel better by only looking at colorful, happy things? So here are four simple pancake recipes – Blueberry pancake, Red velvet pancake with cream cheese (MY FAVORITE), Nutella pancake and Cinnamon roll pancake.

Put everything on hold, grab a fork and dive in 😀 Add a scoop of ice-cream on top will make your day for sure. Share these simple pancake recipes out 😀

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