This Man Can Swim In a Glacial Lake that Would Kill a Normal Person

Wim Hof, an adventurer, and daredevil from Dutch who was holding over 20 world records. He is the creator of Wim Hof Method, who known as the man with an ability to withstand extreme cold that would kill an average person.

Here are just to list a few achievement that he got:

  • He climbed past the death zone altitude, 7500 meters on Mount Everest WEARING NOTHING BUT SHORTS.
  • Complete full marathon above the polar circle in Finland where temperature close to -20 °C
  • Guinness world record holder for the longest ice bath, set at 1 hour 53 minutes & 12 seconds (I’m struggling to take off my hand glove during winter, leave alone the ice bath )

It is not all about the cold. He’s pushing himself to break through the physical limit.

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