The Japanese Way to Destroy Laziness in a Minute

Simple! You just have to do the thing that you’ve been procrastinating for ONE MINUTE, EVERY DAY. For a period until it becomes your good habit. It all starts with the one minute.

What can you do in one minute? You can start squating for one minute every day. Or you can start reading for one minute. How about writing for one minute? Or doing jumping jacks, answering your email, or starting that drawing you were imagining of doing? The possibilities are endless because one minute is such a short time.

Then you do it for a couple of days until it becomes part of your routine. Once you’ve got into the habit of doing it, you can gradually increase the amount of time you spend on it. Maybe the next week you can make it to five minutes, then 10, 20, 30 minutes until you just enjoy doing it regardless of the time spent.

This indeed the most painless and effective way that we’ve come across. After all, your bad habits are also built from the one-minute action where you think it will not affect your life. It has since then followed and shaped you into who you are now in life.

So here’s the formula:

Baby step actions + Persistence + Time = Goal achieved

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