3 Ways to Destroy Limiting Beliefs


Have you ever take a step back and look at your surrounding? Are you in a situation where you really love who you are, immerse yourself in a career that excited you in the morning, sleeping beside your love every night, and feel energized and grateful for another day alive? Most people answer to this is no and it is this big bug called limiting beliefs that are in your brain that you need to recode.

Limiting beliefs are nothing more than negative thoughts that you have about yourself and what you are able and willing to do. They take over how you think, behave and drain most of your energy focus on why you can’t do that.

Most limiting beliefs are a hodge-podge from our experiences growing up. They come from parents, grandparents, teachers and other authority figures that were in our life. It is hard to recall how a seed was implemented in your brain but guesses what? It takes nothing more than an open minded for a change.

1. Your Emotions-Super-Charge Your New Beliefs
Emotions play a big part when it comes to your beliefs. When you have a negative belief, the emotion that goes along with it is not “wrong”. Too many people unnecessarily beat themselves up when they have unwanted emotions. Right now, just accept it for what it is so that you can move past it.

Here’s a simple, yet effective, tool to help you change. On a piece of paper, write down one of your limiting beliefs and how you feel about it. Then on another sheet, write down a belief you feel is powerful and how that would make you feel more energized.

Burn that first sheet of paper. Psychologically, this is a powerful way to break your old belief. Now take your new belief and everyday read it out loud. Not just read it, but feel
that powerful emotion. Really feel that powerful emotion to make a faster transition.

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Hannah Vii


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