3 Years Old Orphan Trying to Sell Pens On Street and Her Honesty Will Leave You to Cry


Sometimes we forget to appreciate the little things in life and need a gentle nudge to remind us. This parenting video nailed it. Prepare some tissue because this might make you cry.

Actor Varun Pruthi, an influencer from India came across a girl trying to sell pens on the street. This is very common in India where a relatively high percentage of people live below the poverty line due to overpopulation and corruption. He founded a nonprofit website to bring awareness mainly for the issue of overpopulation because it is considered the mother of all problems.

He started off the conversation with the girl by asking a few simple questions to know more about her. He gets to know that she’s working alone, taking care by mother’s sister who she refers as aunt, with no father nor sibling. She is only three years old and off every Tuesday from school.

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Hannah Vii


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