4 Perspectives Taken from Will Smith that Should Improve Oneself


“Let us re-read the previous chapters not to blame ourselves nor others for the committed mistakes. Let us take another look at the last page not to take regrets of what had been…”

Another day right here; the sun brightly shines and the promise of another day came along your way. “What a day it was yesterday and what is it today,” you came to tell yourself one time. As your eyes took direction in between the half-closed window panes, you wonder about all those that happened in the past. You were and you have always been tagged as behind everyone else. You were not even a single bit piece of success and triumph in the eyes of many. You had it accepted by yourself. Yes, you have embraced the statement that everyone else is trying to instill in you to be the known fact.

The question now is, does your inner self really agree with the people around? Should there be no chance of you, improving yourself? Pause for a while and take a look back to “what was.”

Words that Should Make up Your World: A Glance to Will Smith’s Quotations

You probably have heard for countless times about Will Smith; all his accomplishments and his star that shone upon during his “time.” Behind the name he established are words to ponder and wonder about.

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