Aggressive Dog Almost Put into Sleep but This Lady Turned Him into a Pet Dog


The power of love proves in this amazing animal video. An aggressive dog in South Africa was turned into a lovely pet dog by a lady name Samantha Browne, a certified dog listener from England, United Kingdom.

He was the alpha male and saw Samantha as a threat. So they were bumped into a not so good start. He was going to be put to sleep because of his aggressive behavior. SPCA let Samantha work with him, hoping the outcome would change to a happy ending.

She then names him Cerberus, who was found in an open prison in Johannesburg accused of attacking other dogs. She was not going in with him at first until they are both ready and trust each other. Patience and time are two main factors that are going to affect the outcome. Will Samantha be patient enough and would Cerberus accept her leadership before his time ran out and needed to be put to sleep?

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Hannah Vii


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