7 Weeks Old Baby Hear For the First Time and His Reaction is Amazing


This parenting video would touch your heart for sure. Lachlan was diagnosed as having moderate hearing loss in his both ear, and his parents, Toby and Michelle from Australia cried in happiness during the moment their son heard them for the first time.

He was fitted with hearing aids at seven weeks old and this beautiful moment was captured and touched the millions heart. This is when he heard and smiled for the first time since he was born. His whole world opened up.

Lachlan is now five years old and doing remarkably well. Michelle:” When Lachlan has his hearing aids on his whole face just changes, he becomes a lot more vocal, he smiles a lot more, even now, the only time he turns his hearing aids off or he takes them out is when he’s tired. He tells us, I’ve had enough of the hearing world mum, I want to go to bed now. So basically in the future if he doesn’t want to hear me, he can just unplug himself.”

He would be required to wear hearing aids to get in touch with the world for now until new research coming out that can break through this limit. Soon after he received his hearing aids at seven weeks old, the couple links their beautiful son into the Early Intervention Service, oral language center for deaf children and he is doing great.

Watch this beautiful boy for his moment of life. 😀


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