Bear Freed From Bear Bile Farm Jumps for Joy. Meet the Happiest Bear on Earth


Another amazing animal video that will warm your heart. How on earth would anyone torture bears just for its bile juice with no evidence to have any medical effects? This is unfortunately happening around the globe especially prevalent in China and Vietnam.

Meet the happiest bear on earth, Tuffy for his first day out after being rescued from a bear bile farm in Vietnam where he was torture to live in a tiny cage for years. His situation was so bad, and the vet team is trying their very best to rehabilitate him after years of having his bile extracted. His gall bladder was so damaged that it had to be removed and there’s also numerous of gallstones meaning he had been living in pain for years. On top of that, he also had his three fractured teeth removed.

He’s doing good in recovery, so the people from Animal Asia’s Vietnam Sanctuary decided to take him out where it was not only his first time dipped into the water, it was also his first time to step on grasses.

He was on cloud nine, enjoyed being outdoors so much that he decided to sleep under the stars that night instead of returning to his den.

There’re about 1200 bears still torturing in Vietnam’s bear bile farm and more than 10K in China. Animal Asia rescued nearly 600 bears and still counting.


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Hannah Vii


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