Best Relationship Advice from Marilyn Monroe


Jealousy is healthy, but too much of it should never be abided

After marrying baseball legend, Joe DiMaggio in 1954, Marilyn endured jealousy from her husband. Her career was on the all-time high but things didn’t turn out any good. Joe couldn’t take Marilyn’s success that leads to the end of their marriage.

“Joe is cold, and wouldn’t speak to me for days whenever I did a hit movie or a successful commercial,” Marilyn said in her court hearing during the divorce proceedings.

Your partner should love you with your flaws
Anyone can love a perfect human (if they existed), but it takes a lot of efforts to love someone with their flaws and insecurities. Marilyn’s third marriage with Arthur Miller was sought to be a great union.

Both had a sharp mind, great hearts, and dazzling smiles. Arthur was a smart scriptwriter and would often consider Marilyn to be just a “pretty face”. He never considered her his equal and this fact leads to her decision to end her challenging life.

She overdosed on sleeping pills and everything has come to the end. Betrayal hurts so much, but disregard hurts even more.

Marilyn Monroe Quotes Never change for a man, never thinks about yourself as irreplaceable, and never shy away from reaching your full potential. Take away all the but and you’ll rise above.

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