Blind Acid Attack Survivor Found Love While Recovering in Hospital


A woman from India suffered from a horrific acid attack by a scorned admirer had found love while recovering in the hospital.

It was ten years ago when Pramodini Roul was just 15 years old, rejected a marriage proposal from a 28 years old man, who then lost his mind that he threw the corrosive liquid toward her face.

The survivor spent four months in ICU right after the incident. This strong lady who was also called Rani(means Queen) has been in and out of the hospital for various surgeries and treatments for the years since then. She was left with life-altering facial burn and lost vision in both eyes. Not to mentioned she had spent another four years bedridden at her house, taken care by her widowed mom.

After been through hell for almost a decade, she now found the greatest reason to live again – her boyfriend, Saroj Kumar Sahoo.


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