Blind Acid Attack Survivor Found Love While Recovering in Hospital


The lovely couple met in March 2014 at a private hospital where Rani was there for her treatment. Saroj who was a friend of the nurse that in charge to take care Rani came with friends to visit the hospital. The two never talk to each other after around 15 days that he started to speak to Rani.

He started visiting her every day to cheer her up, consoled Rani’s mom when she broke down after the bad news from the doctor saying it would at least take four years for her to be able to walk. After a bit, he decided to quit his job and spend 8 hours a day to look after her.

” Saroj did not lose hope. He encourage me everyday, motivating me to stay positive. Gradually the wound started to heal and I finally regained confidence, standing back on my feet.” – Rani

She did not seen Saroj until this September after she undergo surgery in left eye. She fallen for his charm and the connection between the two was getting deeper. It was until 14 of January 2016 that he expressed his feelings for her.

The two have been living together for a year in New Delhi now and planning to get married. ” I feel fortunate to have him. He is very understanding and is always there for me.” – Rani.

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