Super Clingy Husky Happen to Be The Most Annoyingly Cute Thing Ever


We simply love this really funny dog video that brings us a big smile. This pure breed Siberian Husky name Shiro would remind you your over attached boyfriend/girlfriend.

This would melt your heart and make your day for sure. According to her owner, she started doing this when she was about nine months old. So he decided to shoot a video to highlight some parts of his daily commute with Shiro where she howls for his hand. In this video, she is only ten months old.

Shiro is very attached. However, she only does this when they go on this particular route that she knows he’ll be leaving her for a few hours to work. He takes her to parents house where they have a huge backyard to run around. Any other time when they go for a ride, she will be calmer and just watch out the window (STILL HOLDING HAND THOUGH). PS: I think Shiro thinks they’re married. LOL

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Hannah Vii


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