What is This Little Puppy Up to? Hint: So Cute that Would Melt You Away


When this little French puppy owner brings his playful Frenchie along to his cousin house that has another two cute little puppies, he soon finds his Frenchie make friend with one of them and even partner up with her to “bite” her sleeping brother!

We all know puppies love to play. A LOT. They’re in all-time high energy level and sometimes could even play for a whole good day especially when they have friends.

When this French puppy owner brings his adorable naughty Frenchie along to look for his cousin, this cute little one soon finds himself on his new friends’ bed. He was so comfortable that he would have fallen asleep in any second as if he was in his own bed.

His first new friend, Sasa was so excited to see him. They hug, cuddles, sweet bites and having a great time with each other while her little brother was sleeping soundly like a baby.

After a while, they come out with something new to play. They teamed up and went ahead to bite the sleeping beauty. He was awakened and had no choice but to join the fun. It’s lovely to see them having a great time together. Puppies “roar” is way too cute to miss out so make sure the sounds’ on.


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Hannah Vii


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