Real Life Disney – Dalmatian Breaks Record for Largest Litter With 18 Puppies


Wonderful animal stories like this would made our day for sure. Miley, the Dalmatian, has given birth to 18 adorable puppies in Ballarat, Victoria on 18 May 2017, surpassed Perdita’s achievement, 15 puppies in the Classic Disney film – 101 Dalmatian.

Litter size in a dog is unpredictable and is influenced by different factors like age, breed, etc. This number of puppies with 12 girls and six boys has broken Australia record and is equal to the current world record for the largest single litter ever delivered.

At first, she has expected far fewer puppies after ultrasound scan by the vet, 3 to be exact. Lord knows she ended up delivered 18 bundles of joy for over 13 and a half hours that begins at 7 AM and ended at 8:30 PM.

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Hannah Vii


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