Dangerous Puppies Rescue Took Place 18 Feet Deep Into a Cave


We simply love wonderful animal stories online and decided to share this. Hope For Paws, a nonprofit organization established to help animals who suffer and die because of negligence and abuse had done an epic puppy rescue.

Eldad Hagar, the founder of the organization, spends most of his time to find and rescue homeless animals. They received a call for help about an estimated of 8 puppies were roaming around the railroad tracks, and the condition is terrible. It took place 18 feet underground near the tracks, and their mother is nowhere to be found.

The rescue team got their stuff ready and headed to the mentioned location. They realized this could be the hardest rescue ever when they saw the puppies were going back to the cave out of terrified. It takes some serious effort to save them all. Eldad and his team are up to the challenge even when it seems nearly impossible. No rescue task is too daunting for them.

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Hannah Vii


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