Deep Connection Between Lions and a Woman


Here we have this wonderful animal stories online that went viral with millions views. There’s no way for us to put our hand into lion’s mouth or any wild animal’s mouth, but this lady from Israel is doing it so comfortably and without a second hesitation.

According to Animal Planet, Or Lazmi, the leader of this unique pride of lions has been around with these four lions since they were cubs. She helped to raise them in a sanctuary, Seaview Lion Park in South Africa. They’ve formed a strong bond, and they see her as the alpha.

Not everyone could cuddle with these majestic creatures, and the crucial part of all is to gain their trust.  Or Lazmi understands this, and she knows that a wrong movement could trigger them and might lead her to death. However, she has no fear at all and continues to raise these beautiful big cats.

” People are scared of lions because they’re so powerful, but we train them to understand “no” and never let them use their claw or teeth on me. I have only been scratched when they were young and knew no better.” – Or Lazmi

The species are endangered due to illegal hunting in South Africa. Therefore sanctuary like Seaview Lion Park keeping them safe from hunt and happy to play and breed.


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Hannah Vii


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