Dog Cries Like a Baby When Mom Stop Belly Scratch


This is indeed one of the funniest dog videos that melted our stress away. German Shepherd is best known as the obedient guide dog for the disabled, vigorous and courageous as the service dog of police K-9. They’re valued for intelligence and focus and often sought as guard dog and protector.

However, everything has exceptions. Dunder, a well-grown German Shepherd, loves getting his belly scratched so much that he would cry like a big baby when you stop. (This is so cute that we can’t afford to stop rubbing you!)

This sweet little boy born on 20 May 2010, love to chew on stuff, fetch, to jump on the bed and chasing the cat. However, his ultimate favorite is to get his belly rubbed by his mom. He would whine and cry if you stop and enjoy to its fullest when you rub. (Look at his little hind leg that scratch together!)

Dunder has a little brother named Munster that was adopted from the animal shelter. The two get along with each other so well and become the companion of life. His parents come out with a children book, ” The Rescue”  to share the story. It started out as an idea for their son’s first birthday gift and now available to buy on their website.

You’re most likely to repeat this video for a few times. Cuteness overload 😀


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Hannah Vii


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