Dog Swims With Dolphins For The Very First Time


We got this amazing animal video that would made your day for sure. Incredible footage of a dog, Sandy, which is her first time on a boat, swims in the ocean and found another soon-to-be-buddy creature: The Dolphins

Sandy loves to swim, but she never meets dolphin in her entire life before, until Joe Noonan from Dolphin Whisperer brought her to the ocean only they got to met for the first time. Joe has been bringing people to swim with wild dolphins for years, and this was his first time to brought a dog.

Being as adventurous as she could be, she is very curious about the dolphins and sees no hesitation to jump into the ocean right away. WooHoo, that seems to be so refreshing. She was an active swimmer and can comfortably swim over 1 KM.

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Hannah Vii


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