Dog Takes Solo Bus Trip to Dog Park


One of the most adorable dog videos we’ve been longing for. This black lab is so independent that she takes bus trip all alone by herself to her favorite dog park. The reason behind is kinda hilarious.

Meet Eclipse, who is smart enough to get on the bus and ride alone to her favorite spot, dog park without needing any assistance. This two years old black lab would jump into the bus, hopping onto a seat next to strangers just like any other passenger does. Sometimes she would even clean the bus by licking her surrounding.

It all happened one day when her owner, Jeff Young took too long to finish a cigarette, and she can’t wait any longer to go to her happy spot, the dog park where she only gets to go for a few times in a week. Therefore she got on the bus without him. He then catches up with her at the dog park.

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Hannah Vii


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