Reaction of This Shy Shelter Dog Realize He Was Finally Adopted is Priceless


Another wonderful animal stories that went viral online. We all know about the positive impact adoption can have on the life of an unloved shelter pet but this little dog, Benny had no words can describe his joy.

As a resident of Carson animal care center, a high kill shelter in Gardena California, all he can do was sit and wait for somebody to save and love him. He had no idea what the future had in store for him. A week after weeks had passed by and still, no one comes to rescue him. However, God has a gift for him and his reaction to it worth every single mile.

Benny was finally being adopted by a loving family. The moment he came out of the cage as if telling everyone ” look, the time has come, I’m being adopted! ” All the other dog is barking like they’re giving him his send off.

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Hannah Vii


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