How Smart is Dolphin? They Can Retrieve The Phone That You Drop in the Pool


Another amazing animal video that would made you in awe of the intelligent level of dolphin. What would you do if your phone drops into a deep pool of dolphins that seems no way to fish it out? With just a simple hand signal and you’ll have the smartest aquatic mammal to retrieve for you.

This real-life situation happened on the Miami Heat dancer, Teressa Cee and she was so amazed by their high intelligence. The trip to the Bahamas is a promotional shoot where she was given a chance to swim and dance with dolphins. Accidentally, her phone was dropped into the pool of dolphins, and several attempts by the trainer who tried to fish it out were to no avail.

However, the trainer knew that with just a simple hand signal and the world’s smartest friendly creatures would help to retrieve it. Everything was caught on video. Teressa was bending over the dock, anticipating if the dolphin can complete the task. It doesn’t take long for the dolphin to search for her phone and it quickly came to the surface with the precious gift in its mouth. He then passed it to the owner and dove back into the water.

Even though the phone has spoiled through the water damage, Teressa appreciated his effort and was astonished by its ability.


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Hannah Vii


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