Door to Door Sales Comedian Who Can Sell Anything


We all love people with a sense of humor and this man crack it and deserve the title as the world’s best salesman.

Kenny Brooks is the star of a video that went viral in 2010 which he espouses the amazing properties of Advantage Cleaner to two laughing homeowners. You need to watch the video below just in case he shows up on your doorstep so that you would recognize him.

There’s an online discussion about this talented guy if he’s still alive. After he hit micro-celebrity status with this video, he has yet to come forward to capitalize on his new found fame. Youtubers and blogger then link him to a news article written describing the death of a guy name Kenneth Brooks Jr.

Media website, The Daily Dot then reached out to the journalist who wrote that article, and he confirmed the Kenneth is not the one who featured in the viral video. We went on to double confirm and search for him on Facebook and found that he is alive and kicking. He’s active on Facebook and regularly posting photos with his son.

” You know Tony Robbin? Yeah, cause I’m taking his course because this is how Jamie Fox started off door to door and he said two years of door to door selling is equivalent to four years of college communication, interact with different people.” – Kenny Brooks

We just love his tenacity. Enjoy the video and get ready to laugh your butt off.



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Hannah Vii


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