Dreamy Costa Rica Sanctuary is Home to 900 Lucky Dogs


One of the most amazing animal videos that we didn’t see for a little while. Costa Rica is worth a spot on your bucket list. It’s not because of the beautiful beaches and sunny weather but because of this: Hiking and cuddling with 900 dogs from Territorio de Zaguates, the Land of the Strays.

This free-range dog sanctuary is nestled in the mountains of Santa Bárbara in Costa Rica’s Heredia province. It runs by volunteers where dogs can roam through green hill during the day, and they provide beds and shelters for them at night.

The best part of all? It is a No Kill shelter where they refuse to put any dog down. They’ll take care of them until they find a forever home. The dogs were sterilized to control the number of the community.


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Hannah Vii


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