Friends Carry Wheelchair-Bound Man Whose Dream is to See Europe


This is so touching! How far can a friendship go? This guy from Florida dream to see Europe and he is so blessed to have friends pledged to carry him on their backs through Europe on a trip of a lifetime.

Kevan Chandler suffers from muscular atrophy does not have use of his limb and need the assistance of a wheelchair. His three buddy – Tom Troyer, Philip Keller, and Benjamin Duvall created a blog and crowdfunding page to raise money to help Kevan to visit the country of his dream.

Kevan outlines the three areas of Europe that he wants to visit. First is Samois Ser Seine, France, which is the former home of his idol Django Reinhardt, who invented a new style of jazz to accommodate his deformed hand. Next is London, where he wants to visit Kensington Gardens and last they will travel to Ireland which has a preserved sixth-century monastery at the top of a 600 steps staircase that would usually be inaccessible to someone in a wheelchair.

It was fun for his pals too. ” Keven is about 60-70 pounds so carrying him didn’t sound too bad to us until it was 10-15 minutes in.” – Philip Keller.

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Hannah Vii


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