Funny Dogs Begging for Food Compilation


We all love food, and this applies to our furry buddy as well. They’ll not stop looking at you until you share your food and this is hilarious!

Most dog owners face the exact situation when they’re eating. Their lovely furry would come so close with a begging face looking at you, hoping that you’ll share some. This happens even after they just finish their meal! Most dog owners admit that they’ll fall into the trap cause they couldn’t afford to reject that cute little begging face.

Aww~ the face that can get him anything
WOW the color is beautiful. What’s that?
Ow biscuit~


A side effect of loving our furry so much is that we would like to give them everything that they want (spoiled brat!) There’s nothing so bad about this. However, the only part that we need to take concern is their health issue. Some food is indigestible to them like chocolate, cinnamon, garlic, nuts, etc should be avoided at all cost.

Enjoy the video and have fun!


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Hannah Vii


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