Granny Lives with Two Bears and a Tiger


Loving with these exotic animals sound impossible to an average person but not this granny from the United States, Texas. This is indeed one of the most wonderful animal stories online that we’ve been waiting for.

Bonnie Hart, a truck driver in 62 years old, spends most of her times to interact with her special pets that she keeps in her back garden – 2 bears named Pebbles and Bam Bam, and a six years old Bengal tiger named Anushka.

She just loves to have dangerous animals in her yard and doesn’t sense any perilous if they get out of hands. She believes they are obedient and managed to get them under control.

She feeds them treats like cookies, ice-cream, and even marshmallow. They were like babies to her. She also said that she would shoot anyone who tries to take them away from her.

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Hannah Vii


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