Guilty Looking Dog Will Make Your Day


Guilty dog compilation turned out to be one of our really funny dog videos that would made your day. “His head was down, and he wasn’t making eye contact,” she explained. “Then, I found it. Under the bed.” – 2 Years Old Golden Retriever owner Sharon

This is hilarious. We all know dogs are like kids, and sometimes we just couldn’t control our temper for their naughty behavior, but they know what to do to put a smile back on your face.

Many dog owners have similar experience before: They arrived home to discover a huge mess. Did somebody just intrude into our house? No, intruder not interested in playing with tissue and chewing furniture. So where’s the culprit? You find him hiding in your closet. Looking down. Avoiding your gaze.

He knows that he’s been bad. So you sign and soften, proceed to take out his leash and take him for a walk. Almost sixty percent of dog owners claim that their dogs’ guilty behavior leads them to scold their dog less, some would even cuddle with them more often and offer them a treat after they display guilty. (Spoil brat LOL)

This is too cute to handle. Enjoy with the volume up!


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Hannah Vii


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