Handmade Amusement Park in Italy Takes 40 Years to Build


There must be a lot of love involved to build an amusement park that made entirely by hand.

Meet Bruno, the inventor, and creator of Ai Pioppi playground in Nervesa Della Battaglia, Italy which has evolved over 40 years of creation into a stunningly beautiful homemade playground. Everything is so eco-friendly that’s entirely manual without a single motor.

He started in the early 1970s near his family’s restaurant in an attempt to attract more customers. It has now become a major hot spot for tourist and local to Battaglia. It nestled in a lush green forest that’s now filled with laughter.

” I can work for an hour or an entire day, or a whole month. When it’s over, I look at it and think to myself how beautiful it is. I made it myself.” – Mr Bruno

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Hannah Vii


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