Backyard Roller Coaster of Grandpa John Ivers Built to Entertain His Grandchildren. How Cool is This?


Other than the train that runs on the track, we have this homemade roller coaster built by Mr. John Ivers in his backyard to entertain his grandchildren after he retired. Little did he know that this little project attracted visitors from across the globe.

By 2001, John was a grandfather. His previous wild driving days have slowed down, but he still loved the shock of G-force and the thrill of impending and weightless doom. So this is why this awesome coaster, The Blue Flash was built.

” I’m not engineer educated, and most of the process was trial and error. I just thought a roller coaster is coming the side of that shed would be pretty neat.” – John

The project was simply something fun in the backyard for the kids, but obviously, the one who enjoys it most is John Ivers. The Blue Flash ride lasts only 10 seconds.

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Hannah Vii


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