He Sells $5 Peeler on the Street and Became Millionaire


Joe Ades, the white-haired man with the British accent and expensive European suit sits on a small stool while doing demo for his peeler for carrots and potatoes which he sells at $5 each.

He is known as the Park Avenue Potato Peeler man on the street. He constantly talks, being very excited about carrots and made it looks entertaining. You couldn’t help but notice his voice. David Hughes, the operation manager at the Greenmarket, said that he had been a fixture on the edges of the market for years. He stayed on the fringes because he never obtains a permit to do business there.

He had learned the tricks of salesmanship as a teenager in England. He’d sold all kind of things from when he was 15. It helped when he had a voice like a radio announcer’s that got people’s attention.

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Hannah Vii


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