He Sells $5 Peeler on the Street and Became Millionaire


” This is how everything’s work on the street. You have to be not afraid to talk to yourself out loud. Once I started talking out loud, somebody would stop, and once I had one, I would have a crowd, and once I had a crowd, I would sell peelers” – Mr. Joe

Ms. Laurent, his daughter said, he had a sense of pacing and timing. She sometimes went to look for him at the end of the day, but he would have packed up and left after selling out.

” He cleaned up really well. But still, there were these little shreds of carrots that said I was here.” – Ms. Laurent.

UPDATES: Mr. Joe Ades died on Sunday, February 1, 2009, at 75. We love his quote on Today’s American story where he was being asked if he ever takes a vacation. His answer is brief yet meaningful: Life is a vacation, every day is a vacation. Enjoy the video and share it out.



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Hannah Vii


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