Hilarious Husky Doesn’t Want to Leave Dog Park


We love this really funny dog video that got us stomachache. Dogs are like kids and sometimes their behavior is so funny that would simply melt away your stress.

We caught this cute little husky refuse to leave dog park and was throwing a tantrum when his mom asks him to leave. His mom claims that they come to the dog park EVERYDAY and this happens whenever he was asked to go home for dinner.

His owner is so creative that she translate the howling little one into words.

Mom: come here.

Husky: No..Nooooooo. I don’t wanna momma. Do we have to? I don’t wanna

Mom: Come here!

Husky: No

Mom: Come on


Mom: Hurry up


It’s hilarious to see a dog not having enough fun and wanted to stay and play. Quite a lot of dog owners encounter the same problem, and they admit it’s kinda embarrassing especially when they’re making sure that everyone around knows it.

Enjoy this funny video and let us know if you have a solution for this đŸ˜€


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Hannah Vii


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