How To Heal Faster From a Breakup


The effects of a breakup vary from one couple to the other depending on the nature of their relationship. If you had dated for years or had been married, the spiral effects of such a separation are more far-reaching than those of few-months-old relationships.

Besides that, some partners make a breakup more unbearable by constantly interfering with their ex-partners’ post-breakup life. Whichever your case, you deserve to be happy with or without your partner. You must move on at whatever cost. Here are four tips that will help you to heal faster from your breakup.


1. Accept That It’s Done and Dusted.
Complete healing starts with you letting go of everything you had with your ex. This isn’t an easy thing to do, yes, but you must get rid of every shred of hope that you two will ever get back together.

Dissociate yourself with anything that reminds you of him/her- clear out all the pictures, gifts, clothes, playlists, and even movies that remind you of your ex-partner. Go ahead and unfriend him/her on social media. Avoid calling or texting him/her, and try as much as you can not to inquire about his/her life after the breakup.

If you are colleagues at work, start seeing him/her as nothing more than a colleague. If you have kids or property together, do everything in your power to have a mutually-beneficial arrangement worked out as fast as possible.

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Hannah Vii


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