Indian Man Plants 550 Hectares of Forest All By Himself Over the Past 30 Plus Years


The journey of growth starts from a seed. This man from India turned a sandbar in Northern India into a lush 1360 acres new forest ecosystem all by himself.

Meet Jadav Molai Payeng, who started this remarkable journey about 30 years ago, began with burying seed along a barren sandbar. He aimed to grow a refuge for wildlife and little did he know that it has outgrown the size of New York City’s central park after years of dedication.

It all started back in the 1970s where a large number of snakes dead due to excessive heat after a flood washed them onto sandbar with no tree. He alerted the forest department and requested them to grow some trees. They answered him that nothing would grow there and advise him to plant bamboo and see if it’s work. Nobody is interested in helping him, and it took him years of persistence to receive some recognition.

The forest named as Molai woods now serves as a safe paradise for diverse wildlife. This new forest was first learned in 2008 by forestry officials in the region. He was then honored at the public function by School of Environmental Science on 22 April 2012 for his significant achievement.

” I will continue to plant until my last breath.” – Jadav Molai Payeng



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Hannah Vii


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