Kawa Hot Bath in the Philippines Where They Cook You Alive for a Fee


Hey adventurers, here will be your next destination, the Kawa hot bath in the Philippines where they’re going to cook you alive in a big black pot, FOR A FEE!

This amazing experience located at Tibiao Antique in the Philippines is simply the perfect place for anyone who loves outdoor activities. We personally love this scary hot bath in a huge black pot under the sun.

It sets on a cliffside that allows you to view over Tibiao’s long river and beautiful mountains. The recipe basically goes like this:

  1. Water and leaves pour into the black pot (kawa)
  2. prepare some coconut leaves underneath
  3. Set on fire
  4. Wait around 10 minutes and when the water starts to simmer, they will throw you(the main ingredient) into the pot!
  5. You’ve now become as tender as a beef steak, ready to be devoured on.


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Hannah Vii


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